Healthy Snack Ideas For Toddlers

I am going to give you some fantastic ideas for healthy treats for young children. It is so essential to start their eating routines off healthy and EARLY. Try to prevent the processed food and sweet sweets as snacks. Instead, offer your kid alternatives that are healthy and delicious. My son loves his healthy snacks and so do I. healthy snack ideas

Remember likewise depending on their age to be familiar with foods that might be potential choking hazards. Constantly ask their pediatrician and do your research study about age suitable snacks.

Here are some snack ideas that include these 4 standard Food Groups. It is so essential to include the food groups into every location of your young children diet. With 3 meals and 2 treats provided daily, this ensures that your young child is getting a well-balanced diet plan.


Fruits are a given. They resemble the best healthy snacks for toddlers. Apple slices to applesauce, bananas, and oranges. Fruit is the very best given to your kid in the natural state if all possible. If you need to give frozen or canned then do so. If you do choose canned then ensure it is in water or the natural juices. Attempt and prevent the fruit in the heavy syrup. You want the very best healthy treats for toddlers.

You can do so much with fruit. You can make smoothies or fruit kabobs. Comprise some sugar-free jello and add some fruit. The possibilities are unlimited. My 3-year-old chooses apple slices over anything. Fruit is a fantastic treat. Remember to keep lots of fresh fruit in the house!!!


One of the important things that I like to do is to keep fresh “raw” veggies cut up and in plastic bags in the refrigerator. You have them on hand for treat time. Carrots, celery broccoli, cucumber pieces. Every kid is various when it comes to vegetables. ( * Remember age appropriate to prevent prospective choking threats *).

My nephew enjoyed tomatoes however my son, not a lot. Keep in mind to always keep using various veggies to your kids. Their taste buds may alter and after that, they will begin liking other veggies. My boy is 3 and lastly now likes sweet peas. I kept offering them to him and now he will eat them.

Corn on the cob is a terrific healthy treat for toddlers. Yes, I am serious! Fresh corn on the cob is excellent without any butter and salt. My young child loves this. Who states that corn on the cob has to be served with meals just, not in my home it is a great snack!

* Healthy Tip * Have your young child dip their veggies in some yogurt. Yogurt functions as an excellent veggie dip! Simply utilize some plain yogurt. It’s healthy and makes the veggies taste great !! You can create a lot of your own developments and lists of healthy treats for toddlers.


Yogurt is the very best!! Yogurt is a favorite in my home. Making smoothies with fruit or utilizing it for a veggie dip. I was so glad that my toddler always had a love for yogurt. You can make some terrific parfaits by including some fresh fruit.

I in some cases like to provide my son some cheese cubes. This is not often. He from time to time prefers some cheese. He will ask me for some. You can buy the string or animation character shaped cheeses. I do not advise that you provide cheese typically. It is bad for them in big amounts.

I likewise will buy sugar totally free ice cream and enable my toddler to have some for a snack. Another cool idea that you can do is freeze some yogurt. I will buy the Go-Gurts and stick them in the freezer. These make terrific popsicles that are a healthy option to ice cream. YUM!

GRAINS and loaves of bread.

In our household, we do not utilize white flour or any products including it. We utilize just whole wheat grains. Peanut Butter sandwiches are an excellent healthy treat for toddlers. You can also put some peanut butter on a wheat pita or a tortilla wrap. This makes it a bit different than conventional PB and J’s.

My toddler did not like jelly and would not eat it. If your child likes jelly try checking out some healthier options. You might attempt by making your own homemade jelly, an option to those in the store. Believe me, there are many other products in the marketplace.

You could take a bagel or a pita and make some little pizzas. My boy enjoyed these. They are great for a healthy little lunch option too. You can even permit them to assist comprise the pizza with you. They will get so fired up to assist. I will soon be offering some excellent young child recipes for some healthy snacks for toddlers so stay tuned for more!!

It is so essential that we as parents teach our children a healthy way of life. They will take these great habits with them as they age. I talk about the greatest gifts that we can offer our kids. Healthy eating is one of these presents.

I hope that you have enjoyed my suggestions on healthy treats for young children. I enjoy writing on these subjects. They are so important to me. For all of you moms and dads who are major about healthy eating also, BRAVO !! When you offer your toddler the present of healthy eating, it is a present that will last a lifetime.

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